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New FILTRON cabin
filters remove almost 100% of bacteria and allergens from the air


The air sucked in by the car ventilation system directly
from the road contains many pollutants, such as:





Plant dusts

Plant dusts

Bacteria and allergens

and allergens

Learn how the cabin filter works

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New quality standard of cabin filters

New FILTRON cabin filters with the BIOKNIGHT system remove the solid particles
from the air as well as - unlike many other filters - the bacteria and allergens that are invisible to the human eye.

The BIOKNIGHT SYSTEM removes almost 100% of bacteria and allergens from the air it has filtered and furthermore, it prevents the growth of allergenic moulds and fungi. This is especially beneficial for:



Allergy sufferers

Allergy sufferers

Frequent travellers


The BIOKNIGHT system has been applied in all types of cabin filters included in the product range offered by FILTRON.
This means that the owners of almost each car model can enjoy the highest level of anti-bacterial protection.

Check how the BIOKNIGHT system works


The BIOKNIGHT system is based on the innovative, invisible to the human eye, anti-bacterial coating layer, which is a double action layer.

The first phase s based on the activity
of electromagnetically charged long-chain particles
of carbon. These particles attract allergens.
Next, like swords, they pierce through their cell walls. The second phase consists of the destruction
of allergens using electromagnetic force.
This effectively prevents their reproduction.

The substance forming the anti-bacterial coating layer of the BIOKNIGHT system has been laboratory tested and has passed the microbial tests, which have confirmed its safety and efficiency. The substance used by us in our solution has been awarded the BPD (Biocide Product Directive) European Certificate and the certificate of the American Food and Drug Administration Agency.

Find a cabin filter suitable for your car

Advantages of filters with the BIOKNIGHT system.
The filters:

  • remove almost 100% of bacteria
    and allergens from the air,
  • protect against the moulds and fungi development,
  • remove unpleasant odours,
  • affect the comfort of driving,
  • and protect the air conditioning system.

Take due care of the clean air and find a new filter suitable for your car.
You can contact a distributor of our filters directly.


A cabin filter needs to be replaced at least
once a year or after driving
a distance of around 9,000 miles
. After extended life cycle your cabin filter can look like that

Why ?



FILTRON supplies filters as original equipment to over 100 of vehicles of leading car manufacturers
in the world, such as:
Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin, Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar.



FILTRON offers over 2,700 different types of filters and holds a share
of 97% in the European automotive market. Our range includes, among others,
fuel filters, air filters, oil filters, cabin filters and special filters.



Each filter, which is manufactured by us, is produced at modern, automated production lines.
The quality of raw materials
and products is tested in our laboratory, which is one of the most modern laboratories of this kind in Europe.

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